Making of a Budd Bespoke Shirt

A shirt maker has to create a garment which follows the customer’s exact measurements so that the shirt sits against the skin and follows every contour of the body. Budd Shirtmakers are one of the last remaining Mayfair establishments that can boast having its own working cutting room on site. The three cutters at Budd followed traditional apprenticeships into the trade and between them have over eighty years of experience.  The technique and tools they apply to their craft today remain unchanged whilst their experience, knowledge and fluidity continues to exceed expectations.

budd cutting table shirts

For those taking their first steps into the bespoke world we encourage you to visit with a cutter during one of their visits the the US. They will guide you through the process and advise you at each step. A proper taking down of measurements is required with over 20 measurements being made as well as looking at the way you stand, your build and the whole configuration of the shirt.

budd shirts cutting

Once you have undergone your examination and all choices have been made you bid farewell to your cutter, a paper pattern is made and a sample shirt is cut in their London shop. The sample shirt is sent 70 miles away to their workshop in Andover where it is sewn together by expert seamstresses. The shirt is then washed and then sent back to Picadilly.

shirting cloth

budd shirtmakers sewers

shirt initials

If you're partial to a bit of personalization, hand stitched monogramming is also available. On the left breast is highly recommended, on the hip is the 'Continental Way' or even on the cuff as many Americans prefer.

hand finished shirts budd

We advise you to take your sample shirt with you and wash it and wear it a few times. If any alterations need to be made a new sample shirt will be made and the process repeats itself. If not and everything is good to go we will give the go ahead to complete your order.

For your first bespoke order there is a minimum order of four shirts starting from £215 each.