Our New Favorite Products

We have always loved selling beautiful accessories for men and women but never wanted to venture in to clothing... now having Budd Shirtmakers in our space, some of our favorite products to sell are clothing!


Especially lounge and night wear. These luxurious items will certainly make you want to spend all day in your pjs!


Men's Dressing Gowns (Robes) in premium silk, cashmere, wool and cotton.

mens robe loungewear


Men's Night Shirts & Pajamas also available in a cashmere / cotton blend and 100% cotton

mens night shirt pjs

mens pajamas cotton poplin premium


Women's Pajamas in 100% silk and linen

womens silk pajamas budd london


These are products we can seriously get excited about! If you want to be cozy in one of these sets, let's go shopping!