Santa Maria Novella Before and After Shave Cream, 100ml

  • Santa Maria Novella Before and After Shave Cream, 100ml-Men's Care-Sterling-and-Burke
Santa Maria Novella

$ 58.00


A beauty treatment for men. It can be used as:

Pre-shave: softens and prepares the skin for shaving, preventing wrinkles. Instructions: apply 2 to 3 minutes before shaving; rub into the skin thoroughly then shave.

Shaving cream: its lubricating properties facilitate the movement of the razor on the skin, leaving it smooth and soft. Instructions: apply enough to soften the beard, then shave normally.

After shave: moisturizes and restores the protective coating which has been depleted during shaving. Instructions: apply after shaving.

Paraben Free.
100ml - 3.38 FL.OZ.

Made in Italy

Fragrance: Melograno

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