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Budd Stiff Wing Carlton Dress Collar in White

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The Carlton collar, whilst it could have been created as a nod to the nearby Carlton Club, was actually most probably inspired by the elegant revelry enjoyed by the Bentley Boys at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes. With Sir Tim Birkin apparently avowedly buying his trademark scarf (navy with white spot) solely from Budd, the playboy pin-ups of the 1920's would have had quite an effect on the shop. As ladies sought after them, and gentlemen aspired to be like them, they would have been relative trend setters. As such, it is not unlikely that their favoured dwelling place became the inspiration for our slightly higher and refined Carlton Collar. Wear this wing collar for a white tie event when a white bow tie and tails are requested. Our collar is 1¾“ deep and turns into a generous wing at the front. It is made from stiffly starched cotton and is worn with our stiff bibbed neckband shirt. The dress collar often gets a bad press because its immaculate, starched appearance might look stiff and uncomfortable. In fact the opposite is true – if you buy the right size, the collar will stand proud and won’t stick to your neck making you feel cooler and more comfortable throughout the evening. The secret is to buy the collar a size bigger than the neck band of your shirt. So, if you usually wear a 16” shirt, you should opt for a 16 ½” collar. The collar is attached to the shirt with rear and front studs.



Specialist launder at expert dry cleaner. Here at Budd we offer specialist dry cleaning services, please enquire at the shop for further information regarding this service.



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